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Facing a lock and key issue is never a great experience; however, it does happen quite frequently. At Miami Olympic Locksmith we offer prompt and professional 24-hour emergency locksmith services in Miami, FL area.

If you have ever faced a lock and key situation, you know how important a reliable locksmith can be. At Miami Olympic Locksmith, we offer the entire spectrum of emergency locksmith services so that you can get back to your vehicle as fast as possible. Our team of emergency locksmiths is on call at all times of the day and night, all through the year; so that they can offer the help you need no matter where you may be stranded.

Our best features

Fast 24/7 emergency service - Since anyone can face problems with keys and locks anytime, we are available at all times to help them. Our lockmasters are highly experienced and have been offering emergency lock services for several years. We choose our techmasters through a rigorous selection procedure, so you can rest assured of the best services.

20-minute response time -

We will be at your site in less than 20 minutes of your calling us. We are committed to getting you out of your trouble at the earliest. In the past ten years of our work, we have never kept any of our customers waiting for hours when they needed urgent help.

Swift problem resolution -

As soon as you call us, our experts will arrive on the scene fast and will complete the work in the shortest time. They have handled countless emergency situations and know what to do in such cases. As soon as they reach you, they get to work and help you regain access to your property fast.

Expert team -

No matter what kind of lock woes you may be experiencing, there is no one that can match the expertise that we offer. We are the best in the business, providing 24/7 locksmith services in and around Miami . Our skilled team of lock experts assures you security and peace of mind. We subscribe to the highest business standards and are well equipped to tackle all kinds of security concerns.

Some of the emergency services we provide are:

  • Miami Olympic Locksmith Miami, FL 305-744-5298Home/Car/Office Lockout solutions
  • Professional lock picking
  • Rekeying services
  • Key cutting services
  • Emergency door unlock
  • Door locks change
  • Safe unlocking
  • Window locks repair
  • Eviction locksmith service
  • Unlock trunk
  • Unlock car door
  • Broken key extraction
  • Copy key
  • Emergency lockout resolution
  • Transponder key making

Call us anytime!

No matter when you call us, you will receive an immediate response from one of our experts. You will never have to wait for long hours for someone to answer your call or send you help. With us ready to look into your lock troubles whenever you call us, you can relax knowing that fast and dependable help is within reach. If you are looking for 24/7 emergency lock & key service, call us at 305-744-5298  right away!

Find Me a Locksmith in Miami, FL

Desperate times call for desperate measures. When you find yourself locked out of your home or vehicle, you get on the internet and search, ‘find me a locksmith ’. You call the first few results that pop up and realize soon thereafter that you’re not going to get the assistance you need any time soon. Several firms make tall claims and over-the-top promises, but when it comes to actually executing them, they fall short. Several of our customers have had bitter experiences with locksmithing agencies in the past, before they found us. click here to read more 

Garage Door repair in Miami, FL

Right from helping people make day-to-day transit to and from work, to facilitating the movement of goods in industrial setups, the world today relies heavily on transportation. When vehicles don such an important position in our lives, garage spaces are still more important. Modern day garages come equipped with sturdy doors, robust opener systems and high-end locks. Not only do they act as a storage space for vehicles and allow easy entry/exit, they also provide complete security to your vehicles. In addition, a few garages are interlinked with homes and provide an alternate entry point. This further highlights the significance of maintaining optimal garage security. A defunct opener or a damaged door could hamper operations and jeopardize your property’s security. click here to read more

Emergency unlock service in Miami, FL

Call it a force of habit or our daily routine, the one thing that we do almost on a daily basis is – put things under lock & key. It’s a sure-shot way to ensure the safety of our most-valued possessions and provides complete peace of mind. However, it’s when we’re unable to access what’s under lock & key that threatens to burst our bubble of serenity. Imagine you’re running late for work and the presentation that you’d worked on all night is now tucked safely in your cabinet. The key seems to have vanished into nothingness and even hours of frantic searching yield no results. What do you do? You can’t miss out on your presentation, you’re unable to break open the lock, you can’t stop yourself from panicking – but what you can do is seek expert assistance. click here to read more

Emergency eviction service in Miami, FL

Not all tenant-owner relationships are perfect. The typical relationships are fraught with disagreements. In some cases, these disputes are due to poor communication between the two parties. But there are certain situations where the tenant knowingly violates the rules or refuses to pay the rent. Despite trying to talk them through it and arrive at a civil agreement, such disputes rarely end well. An eviction is sought – and things turn from sour to ugly in no time. click here to read more

Emergency locksmith service near me in Miami, FL

Lost your keys? Are you caught in a tough spot where you’re unable to access your home? You might be thinking ‘I wish I could find an emergency locksmith service near me ’. The sheer lack of such services in the Miami, FL area is what propelled us to take on the full responsibility on our shoulders. Back when we started, rarely were there any firms that responded to customer queries 24/7. A few made promising claims, but came nowhere close to fulfilling them. In fact, when locked out or in need of urgent locksmith assistance due to any other reason, people had to wait for a nearby store to open or had to drive up all the way to a store to find an able technician. But today, we’ve managed to redefine that arena and have introduced a customer-oriented service directed at alleviating the stress associated with such emergencies. How do we do that? click here to read more